Discreet East Coast Travel Companion

Author: Sandy

Easygoing post-grad student seeks extra opportunities for enrichment and learning 🙂

Hello, my name is Sandy. I’m an off-again on companion, I guess you can say. I see entertaining as sort of an enhancement to a very full and satisfying life. I think that we should all jump at opportunities to supplement our happiness, and never stop pursuing the things that give us gratification – even if that means having to making time for them. I try to live like this and I think you should too!

You can have me as an accomplice. I’m smart without being stuffy. I’m funny without being goofy (ok that’s a lie I’m pretty goofy). And I’m open minded without being indiscreet.

Shoulder length dark brown hair
Hazel Eyes
5 feet 9 inches in height
115 pounds
Slender build
Latin, Caucasian, Black
Mid 20s

I’m only available on a part time basis, so you have to plan to see me. Sometimes my studies and job make this complicated, but it’s always worth it to stick it out. Be in touch….

Location: Atlanta GA, available to travel anywhere with usually a couple day’s notice

Gift: $750/hr

Contact: sandy@modmail.site