Washington DC |New York NY

I am a passionate and affectionate lady by nature, and believe that moments of true connection are the special zest that makes life so delicious.

I love to view life as an open-ended adventure and feel that we are always being guided. Perhaps you agree, or perhaps you’re just intrigued at this metaphysical-ish weirdo take on our existences. Either way we should indulge and explore the possibilities!

Some physical details: If forced to say so, I would contend that I’m quite appealing. I have dark hair, light blue eyes, fair skin and an athletic build accented with delightful feminine curves. Quantitatively, 5’5″ 120, 36D 

For connections, I would kindly request a gift of $1600 for up to two hours;  $2400 up to 4 hours. I’m also open to extended rendezvous if you need a vacation accomplice, staycation accomplice, diversion for a business trip, etc. Let’s plan!