Sidney Visits DC June 30 – July 2

Sidney Visits DC June 30 – July 2 Author: Sidney Hi! I’m taking a trip to Washington DC and I want us to make it memorable. You can show me the sights if you know your way around (or we can get lost together if you don’t). The interaction is really the only thing that […]

An Introduction From Sidney

An Introduction From Sidney Hmmm. Where to start. Ok…I’m a Carolina girl with a colorful background. It shows in both my appearance and my perspective. I’m not closed off to anything and people find this to be appealing. Well, that and my long legs and pretty face! I’m always smiling, always optimistic, and always eager […]


Sidney Charlotte NC Laughing. I love to do it. That curious reaction to amusement is one of life’s most profound luxuries. And it’s best enjoyed with others (because otherwise, it kinda makes you a weirdo ). Let’s not be weird. Or at least let’s pretend not to be. Mid 20s5’11”11532BLatin/Biracial Twitter Back To […]