Avery Now In New York NY

Cute And Learned Asian Companion Author: Chelsea I’m a nice girl. A girl you should meet. I’m mature in thought, well-traveled and intelligent. But at heart, I’m just a normal girl that enjoys encountering life in ways that are both conventional and decadent. It makes me feel good to contribute positively to someone else’s well-being, […]

New Companion In Washington DC

New Companion In Washington DC Greetings! My name is Avery. I’m a 20-something professional living in Washington DC. I’m somewhat new to companioning; the more organized aspect of it anyway. So be gentle : ) I’m in a new phase in my life; a phase that involves learning more about who I am, and a […]


Avery Washington DC |New York NY I am a passionate and affectionate lady by nature, and believe that moments of true connection are the special zest that makes life so delicious. I love to view life as an open-ended adventure and feel that we are always being guided. Perhaps you agree, or perhaps you’re just […]