An Introduction From Sidney

Hmmm. Where to start. Ok…I’m a Carolina girl with a colorful background. It shows in both my appearance and my perspective. I’m not closed off to anything and people find this to be appealing. Well, that and my long legs and pretty face!

I’m always smiling, always optimistic, and always eager to share my good humor with my friends. Because what’s the point if you can’t spread it around? So get out your calendar and see if there’s some space on it for me. You’ll make us both happy.

I’m in Charlotte NC but can travel to other parts of the Carolinas with some notice. And I travel to DC and New York sometimes. Got my eye on ATL and Miami too. LA perhaps? What I’m trying to say is that you’ll have a few different options for meeting me. No excuses 😉

Until then!

Sidney (my profile)

Author: Sidney